New York City--Sept 11th

I was driving from a job meeting in Boston, Ma when the radio program in my car was interrupted with the news a plane had flown into the World Trade Center. I immediately thought " small plane like maybe a Cessna- some fool pilot lost his bearings". It was the news of a second plane hitting the building that you realize it's a terrorist attack. A tragic day.

But the photographer in me prevailed. I told a friend of mine, Mike DiCamillo from Framingham, Ma that I was going down to New York with my Nikon to get some shots of the scene. He decided to come with me.

We went to New York City. After failing to get through, as some of the bridges were closed for access, we finally got across Queens Mid Town and found a place to park the car. Then we set off on a one hour walk to lower Manhattan and eventually The World Trade Center. Or at least, where the World Trade Center used to be! For it was now just a pile of rubble. It was sickening to see.

The smell reminded me of my home town Sheffield, England after the War,where I was brought up in the working class slums of Pitsmoor. All the empty houses one after another in a row, stinking of stale dust and bricks and mortar.

I took pics for a couple of hours with the local people showing their anger at us for walking around like tourists with our cameras. They were right! So I called it a day and suggested to Mike we get out before they steal our cameras, which they were threatening to do.