How to make a proper cup of tea



Tea bags are used in England but a real proper cuppa is made and brewed with real tea leaves in a teapot!!

Yes—- one of these!!

Yes—- one of these!!

Using some real tea like above

Using some real tea like above

Items needed:

Tea Leaves—Darjeeling or similar Indian tea. ( In USA Twinings English tea is available)

HERE is a link to Taylors Yorkshire Tea.


Boiling water. (yes—-boiling)

Tea cup and saucer—- Royal Dalton if you have!


Tea spoon

Milk (if you use)

Sugar ( if you use)—-I do not take sugar in my tea.

Tea cosy— cover that goes over the teapot to keep it warm.( In physics it would be to slow down the heat loss!)

Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy


The tricky part:

Tea loves hot water so swill a little hot water around in your teapot first to take away any chill.

Add one teaspoon of tea per person plus one for the pot.

Pour in the boiling water.

WAIT! Be patient— let it brew for about 5 minutes for infusion to occur.

Pour into your cup and add milk or sugar or honey whatever floats your boat.


Wherever I’ve been in the world making tea is a ritual with a local history behind it. In China for example they want the water no hotter than 190 deg or it will kill the flavor of the incredible tea they grow there. I visited DragonWell Tea Plantation there and had some of the best tea ever!!! See my China pages.